Check out WHOOP-Szo's Niizhwaaswo .... in other words, say whaaaaaaaaa?

WHOOP-Szo kinda strikes me as the smarter, younger, Inuit sister to Primus. More mature and reserved than her spazzy older bro, she's got a deep infatuation with nature and all it's beauty, and tends to indulge in the more natural psychedelic drugs like shrooms over the crack her siblings clearly smoke.
Her(their) new latest album, Niizhwaaswo, is the "third and final document of [their] adventures in Arctic Canada" as stated in the email they sent my way. You can check out part 1 here, and part 2 here.
Honestly when I first heard it I was all like 'what the fuck is happening here', which isn't necessarily a negative train of thought. By the end of it I felt this sort of inner peace and complete understanding of the journey these 7 songs took me on, despite not coming any closer to being able to decipher what the fuck I had just heard. This isn't exactly an album in the traditional sense of the word, it's more of a musical odyssey, and the sense of mystifying adventure it expels on the listener is reminiscent of what I felt like as a kid watching the TV show The Odyssey, only it's not nearly so unsettling...

Listen here:

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