put Champion Lover in your ear butt and make whoopee with it!

I can't help but relate Champion Lover's recent self-titled release to sex.
So sorry. 
Not sorry.
With 'lover' in the band name and that fuzzy, pulsating beat seducing my ear-holes into allowing the raunchy noise punk to explode inside them with each track... I mean, cum on. It basically screams 70's porno! (because, ya know, 'things' were a lot fuzzier back then)
If this is what it feels like to have a band make love to your ears through music then this album definitely justifies their name.
And like any romp in the sack, the better it feels (sounds), the more you want it.
I guess that whole 'bunny' thing works here too, not so much because they hump a lot, but because they have bigger ears to take more of Champion Lover in....nawmeeean!?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.