The Hunters - Fart Electric

Just kidding. The Hunter's new album is actually called Art Electric, and despite the lack of gas in the title it still manages to rev my ear-gines (that could sound sexual but for once it was not my intent.. unless deep down I think flatulence is sexy which would actually explain a lot of past boyfriends).
I should be editing interviews from Pouzza Fest or reviewing the million other bands I promised to write about right now but I can't bring myself to stop playing these songs over and over. It's just like when I'm super super broke and I can't help craving chicken wings and browsing menus I can't afford over and over.
That's not a good comparison at all but I currently am super broke and have been doing that all day.
It feels like this album caught me and is holding me captive, totally living up to the band name, with it's melodic choruses grabbing me by the back of the throat and forcing me deep into each song.
Honestly tho if they were really hunters I wouldn't even run, I'd just stand there so enamored with each note, happily handing over my freedom, giving in to the emotionally gripping punk rock and their 'lyrics of love'.
Clap Clap, Clap

They're coming to Toronto on June 5th and I'm more excited for that show than I am for my sisters birthday (just kidding Katie!) (not kidding everyone else) (kidding about that too Katie) (..this joke's getting old).

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