Born Wrong - FART DISTRICT !!

Jokes like that will never get old to me.
I'm simple.
Simple Jack-ass.
But enough about farts, let's talk about sex!

Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

"I've been waiting for more Joyce Manor since they released that self-titled album that I'm still teenage-girl-stalker-level obsessed with" what I was about to write before I remembered there has been another album since that unforgettable debut. Oops!

Get your TV Freaks on!

I didn't think it was possible for an EP with just 3 short songs to leave such an impact but holy mother of Rick James, the new TV Freaks 7" Leeches - out June 24th on Hosehead Records - totally slapped me in the face while kicking me in the butt, HARD, all at the same fucking time.


Move over Christmas, Pouzza Fest has stolen that cozy little nook in my heart reserved for my most favouritest annual (not to be confused with anal) event!