Born Wrong - FART DISTRICT !!

Jokes like that will never get old to me.
I'm simple.
Simple Jack-ass.
But enough about farts, let's talk about sex!
Born Wrong's upcoming release Art Electric (streaming here now) just makes me think about bangin'.
It's not like I'm a sexahhholic or anything, I just think about sex all the time and when I think of comparing something reallllly good-to-the-point-of-being-the-best to something everybody (hopefully most of every 3 people reading this anyway) can relate to, I'm going to compare it to the most good thing that there is other than drugs and alcohol.. SEX. duh.

In this case I think it probably has something to do with the pounding instruments and the aggression that reaches out of your speakers, grabbing you and making you an extension of it. It's so deliciously raunchy and as I go to finish that sentence I instantly regret admitting all this sex comparison stuff because it's getting a little bit too telling and I'm suuuper awkward. I'm also suuuper lazy though so instead of deleting alllll that and thinking of something new to write I'm going to just divert your attention - and imagination - to picturing a really awkward and lazy super hero. Oh, the comic genius that would ensue.. just like on the real life TV version of The Tick, but with more Kramer from Seinfeld feel to the character.
And just like that this review is over, just like the 4 damn songs it's about, that I've now listened to at least 10 times each on repeat. Need.More. Seriously would trade pizza for more. Or whatever. Is that then considered trading pizza for sex?

Whatever tho bro if you missed that link up there to stream these sexy songs, here it is your royal ass-ness. GO LISTEN!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.