Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

"I've been waiting for more Joyce Manor since they released that self-titled album that I'm still teenage-girl-stalker-level obsessed with" what I was about to write before I remembered there has been another album since that unforgettable debut. Oops!
It's not like I haaated that second album.. it was different but I definitely didn't dislike it.
But, sadly for them that first record with "Constant Headache" and "Leather Jacket" etc etc etc on it was just so Hulk Smash-ingly good that I wanted - practically needed, if I'm being honest which usually I'm not but right this second I am I promise - more of that.
And that sucks. I get it. That must really suck for a band to be held up to that one perfect album, especially when it's such an early one. Sometimes you just want to try something different, but if you don't give the fans what they want they can get all sulky about it.
Their new album, Never Hungover Again (coming out July 22nd), is a refreshing step backwards towards towards that nitty-gritty first release, but before going all the way home they turned and took another step into the direction of maturity. (cue the 'awww's)
Where they end up is a happy medium between their first two releases, with a heavy lean-on towards the sound that I loved so much from them, annnnd some Saves The Day vibes through out as well, random, I know..
After listening to it at least 20 times over while I clean my room - a room that hasn't been properly, thoroughly cleaned since I moved in last October - I realized that there's just one thing standing in the way of me looking this album up in the phone book and driving by it's house giggling with my gal friend all night: it just isn't dirty enough for me.
(Judging by what I found under my bed, I don't think a lot of things are anymore tho, to be fair.)
I'm missing all that gritty desperation from the first album that got me 'riding the wave of their emotion' the first time around.
Buuuut, after listening to it about 20 MORE times because my room is a disgusting mess I found that I've actually grown quite fond of it. I guess just because it's not a filthy mess of emotion gripping my once-teenage heart doesn't mean I can't still enjoy it musically, you know, like an ah-dult.
What I'm trying to say is, maturely tossing your balls to the walls can be just as endearing as recklessly throwing them.
But... don't listen to me, I'm as high as a kite that's high on drugs.
I'm on vay-cay-tion!

To wrap it up, on a scale of flaccid to boner, Never Hungover Again is a grower, not a show-er, but when it grows, it will hurt.

This is my favourite track from the new album, the most nitty-gritty-whoa-self-pity sounding one! yay!

Catch Joyce Manor on July 5th (at TURF) or July 7th (at Lee's Palace) if you're in Toronto!

Or go see what other dates they're playing on their site:

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