Shamebirds is the butt-spankin' new album from West Coast power-pop (more accurately described as power-trash on their FB) favourites NEEDLES//PINS.

The Wytches wyll put a spyll on you!

You better stop the things you're doing and listen to The Wytches.
I ain't lyin', no I ain't lyin'.
Their new album, Annabel Dream Reader (which you can stream here for a limited time), totally has me wrapped around their creepy long-nailed green finger.

The Dirty Nil - Cinnamon / Guided By Vices

Disclaimer: In an attempt to break free of this creative slump I've been in all summer I decided to play a game with this next review, one I like to call "Madlibs, Cut, It, Out!" (said as Joey from Full House). I took this random kids book I still own (as in bought semi-recently because it was uh dolla) called Babe Ruth - Home Run Hero, cut up a bunch of stuff, rearranged it and then played madlibs with the in betweenerz in a (half-hearted) attempt to review the new Dirty Nil EP (because thankfuckfully it's only 2 songs and I don't have all night). It turned out about as dumb as you'd expect coming from me, soo enjoyyy!!


Once upon a time (August 7th, 2014 to be exact) in Toronto, a bunch of 90s punk rock kid's wet dream of a show happened at Echo Beach.
The Offspring showed up to play their entire album, Smash, from front to back with support from some of the biggest names to stem from the genre.. Bad Religion, Pennywise, and The Vandals.