Shamebirds is the butt-spankin' new album from West Coast power-pop (more accurately described as power-trash on their FB) favourites NEEDLES//PINS.
Released by Dirt Cult Records, this record is already being hailed as one of the punk label's best. Can you say 'holy cow'?! I can, but what I can't say is that I disagree with that statement.
The LP consists of 11 raucous garage-on-the-beach tracks that bring a sunny surf vibe to mind as you listen to their uppity, sand-spittin' punk jams about girl problems and other relatable mumbo jumbo.
That said, the first thing I thought of when heard the album was that level in the TMNT videogame where the turtles are surfing through the sewer.. I mean, it doesn't have the sunlit quality of the songs, but it does involve cheeky characters and a dirty atmosphere which I'm pretty sure makes up for the darkness. Oh, and both are pretty fucking high on the 'fun & cool' scale, which is a thing as of right now.

Listen for yourself:

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