The Dirty Nil - Cinnamon / Guided By Vices

Disclaimer: In an attempt to break free of this creative slump I've been in all summer I decided to play a game with this next review, one I like to call "Madlibs, Cut, It, Out!" (said as Joey from Full House). I took this random kids book I still own (as in bought semi-recently because it was uh dolla) called Babe Ruth - Home Run Hero, cut up a bunch of stuff, rearranged it and then played madlibs with the in betweenerz in a (half-hearted) attempt to review the new Dirty Nil EP (because thankfuckfully it's only 2 songs and I don't have all night). It turned out about as dumb as you'd expect coming from me, soo enjoyyy!!

"Cinnamon" is a powerful slugger of a [song] that will catch your attention as soon as it's blasted out of the [stereo]. It starts heavy and bare before growing harsh; like a stray animal suddenly expecting a fight. And then, at the peak of that tough enthusiasm, these major league [rockers] dull it down to an almost sweet [chorus] that will win the admiration of fans of all ages. 
Proof that it doesn't have to be fast, to hit hard. 

"Guided By Vices" sounds like trouble when it comes in swingin', but quickly takes a fresh turn towards left field -away from the hot heads and towards the hot dogs- before winding back around into the action, yelling and spitting through the crowd. The electricity in this [song] is enough to turn each fan into a lightning rod, ears held up to the storm clouds, just begging for the blazing fastballs of the sky to start firing. 

[The Dirty Nil] really know how to make the most out of their talent, developing such a magical style that has gained respect among the top home run hitters, where they deserve to be recognized as the best. 
True sports legends. 

Summary: Listening to this [EP] is like riding in an elevator for the first time. You just want to ride it up and down for hours. 

(that sounds dirty all on it's own, i just took it straight from the book.) 

I'm Sarah. This shit is probably only fun for me. Heh.