The Wytches wyll put a spyll on you!

You better stop the things you're doing and listen to The Wytches.
I ain't lyin', no I ain't lyin'.
Their new album, Annabel Dream Reader (which you can stream here for a limited time), totally has me wrapped around their creepy long-nailed green finger.

I love them.
I love them. 
I love them. 
I love them anyhow.
And I don't care. 

There’s something so whymsical in their crunchy guitars and shaky vocals.. it's like they're conducting some sort of sorcery on your ears. You can almost hear the mischief-laced magic in each track, beckoning you closer to their cauldron full of garage'y/surf'y psych rock.

They're pretty much the Black Lips of the Dark Side... cool!

Listening to them while staring at their name - The Wytches - I am reminded of that Goosebumps book called Deep In The Jungle Of Doom, which was part of their choose your own adventure series, with the tribe of witches called The Muglani who keep showing up when you make wrong turns or bad decisions and threaten to shrink your head or turn you into a monkey or a monster or something of the sort. This album could work very well as a soundtrack to that book... if only my parents hadn't sold mine on me at a yard sale as soon as I moved out.. (still peeved about this 10 years later).

Seriously though, go listen to this album. It's the wytches tyts.

As is this video:

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