And We Danced - Back To The Middle

I'm not going to lie, this new And We Danced album, Back To The Middle, starts off sounding pretty fucking sappy. I wasn't sure if I was going to dig it at all as the intro played through, bleeding into the first real pop rock track with these nasally vocals that I would have creamed my 14 year old pants over but tend to feel a little too old to appreciate these days.
It wasn't until the first chorus that my 28 year old slacks started to feel moist as it brought the cutesy 'oh oh's into some bigger, catchier, 'whoa-oa-oa's backed by a pretty powerful clap-along-worthy build up before dropping off into the next verse, one I found myself hearing with new appreciation as my ears focused on the captivating drum sounds (so much for technical terms) and the raspy, anxious undertones to the adenoidal crooning. 
With each song I found myself sinking deeper and derp'er (not a type-o) in love with this band, even though I was kind of right in my initial judgement that deemed it sappy emo-pop rock. The thing is, it's all written so well that it has the power to draw in even the most cynical, grey-haired pop-punk fans like myself, no matter how cringe-worthy it may seem at first to those not into the more mainstream, radio-friendly vibe. 
By the end each sing-a-long had me bopping my head side while mentally jotting down the lyrics so I could join in the next time around. 
They are definitely a product of their influences; like a batch of delicious ear-cookies using each band they look up to as ingredients, including Hot Water Music, The Replacements, The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World etc.
If that gets your ears watering I suggest you take a listen.

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