Did Manson form a hardcore punk band with the Blood Brothers singers, taking influence from the Refused?
Did the Kandarian Demon enlist the ghost of Kurt Cobain to write a dark, grungy soundtrack for the Deadites crew to surf to?
Did those two situations actually happen and then somehow fuse together to create the album Millar by Toronto's wicked post-punk/rock band HORMOANS?
By the fucked up sound of things it's possible.
The whole record sounds a bit possessed as it frantically shifts from hardcore punk to doom rock to gloomy grunge to surf rock to almost metal.
I'm not sure how many evil demon spirits are speaking their mind through the music but it makes me a bit nervous.
As I listen to it feels like something is leading me into a dark, mangy forrest full of unearthly trees and their tangled branches. I'm half expecting something to stick (get it, stick, STICK!) itself up my... nevermind, go watch Evil Dead if you don't know where I'm going with that.
Annnnnd, scene.

Moral of this ghastly of a review is that HORMOANS are fucking rad and scary and you should listen to them with all the lights on in your house so you don't start to cry.

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