In Love With A Punk Zine.. or Three.

So my new fav writer - Shelby Monita - sent me a few zines to review and while i was at a cottage this weekend i finally got a chance to sit down and read them, and boy oh boy oh boy am i ever hooked.
every one of them (excuse my laziness for typing right now, deal with the consta-lowercase, k thanks) i found i could really relate to taste & attitude - wise. to be completely stalkerish, i mean honest, i almost feel like this chick is my new best friend... does that sound too desperate? i just think she's cool n stuffs.
n e poo, here's a bit about each zine and why i liked 'em:

hoser punx 
named every single band i love:
-new swears
-wasted potential
-tv freaks
-school damage
-sam coffey + ZE iron lungs
-pregnancy scares
-brutal youth
-pink wine
introduced me to peach kelli pop who i hadn't paid much attention to before

it contained pics of burgers, meow, dicks!, what i can only hope is a pile of poop giving the finger (if it's not please draw that for me, anyone) bobs burgers, mario, tits/a butt?
quickie interviews with promoter mark pesci and dude from dr disc in hamilton
very cool. very quick. very entertaining, though a bit of jarbled nonsex at times, which reminded me of me, and so i totally loved it (cock-y <---8 nbsp="" p="">

burger revolution - burger records
fun quickie interviews with fun bands - free weed, gap dream, habibi, shannon + the clams etc the quirky kinds of questions that i really enjoyed, and ones that i wish i asked! 

off the grid
this one was a bit different.. it had stories, simple but cute and real, as well as a column called 'life lessons from rock stars presents patti smith' which really made me think and feel something for what she was saying and i really enjoyed the message.. basically see the good in every situation and think positively no matter what comes at you. truth. 
and i really really really enjoyed the opinion piece on how online critics are ruining bands, part of why i try to only write about bands i dig at least a bit instead of ripping bands i hate apart, which quite honestly used to get me about triple the readers than a positive review ever has. 

all in all i found these zines super inspiring. i feel like i've been kind of passionless lately in my writing, and maybe a bit mute because i work in the industry outside of this blog and have to choose my words wisely in a lot of areas now. but my core values i saw again in her writing, the way she keeps it fun, her taste in music, the passion.. it ignited something in me that i needed to feel again about why i started this blog in the first place. 

Twitter/Instagram: @ShelbyMonita