And by that I mean listen to Liver -the band not the organ duhh- alone in your room. Or, like, I don't care, go listen to it when you're out with friends or at work or while you're perched upon the porcelain thrown as your ass cries tears of Jameson and Sriracha.
Don't. give. a. shit. My point is just listen to Liver. Their new EP Loyalist is going to mark 2014's fall season for all of us, I swear. It's so Canadian and it just has this chilly 'it's time to wear a coat' feeling to it, making it the perfect few songs to nod your head to while you're waiting in line at Tim Hortons.
..only it's actually way more fun than that sounds, but I stand by the Canadian'ness of it all.
The music sounds almost contradicting to me, it's got this sludgy sound to it like it's being drugged, i mean dragged, i mean drugged through the mud and yet it always somehow sounds so clean.. and crisp... like the air up here in Canadeh, heyoo. And the vocals sound like they're just gripping you by the scarf and singing right into your face. And then everyone around you joins in, and you can't help but form a half to 3/4 chub and you're like dayamm.. this rules, eh.  

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