Pet Sun = your brain on drugs.

For me right now it's my brain on cold medication, which still technically falls under the 'drugs' category so whatever, it works.
As I listen to Pet Sun's psychotropic new EP (due out Sept 27th) it feels like my consciousness is disintegrating and the mind-altering drugs responsible for the mid-60's psychedelic rock era are taking over. The first track, "Feel Like I'm Going Away", is pretty much what my brain is singing to my body... as it spirals backwards in time through a trippy rabbit hole like in Alice In Wonderland.
That rabbit Alice is chasing is totally the band, late for the Summer Of Love. Jefferson Airplane wrote a song about them called "White Rabbit"... groovy, eh.
Unlike Alice's glory rabbit hole, the one I find my mind tumbling into is full of purple haze, and makes my head feel all fuzzy wuzzy.
At some point I have to give up my soul, then I start to feel lazy and just lay back and relax for a few minutes.. then all of a sudden a two-headed monster starts to chase me (the double-headed Jabberwocky!?), luckily I escape just as the drugs are really starting to immobilize me, and for a couple songs I just close my eyes and trip massive hairy balls.
Then, all of a sudden I wake up in my own bed as if nothing ever happened.
The end.

Moral of the story:

Pet Sun are playing with one of my favouritist bands ever on Earth and beyond Thursday... BLACK LIPS... at the Pheonix. Go to it.

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