Get ready for the Long Winter with Jesse LeBourdais!

Jesse LeBourdais' voice is like a cozy blanket knit together with folk and punk coloured yarn, wrapping itself around you as you settle in for the Long Winter months.
He reminds me so much of Frank Turner who I will always have a special place for in my heart... a place that he'll now have to share with Jesse, curled together in one beautiful sounding snuggie.
The gritty passion oozing from his voice throughout this new album has me clenching both my teeth and fists, not out of anger but because I can't help but feel all the feels that he's feeling when he's singing with such earnestness and warmth.
I'm so fucking enamoured with each song on this record that I am literally (been watching a lot of Parks & Rec lately so please picture Chris Traeger saying this) torn between repeating each song over and finding out what the following has to offer. Each one is my new favourite as I'm listening to it, but is quickly replaced by the next one as soon as it starts.
In other words, every single song is my favourite. There is no stray thread in this blanket that's for sure. By the end of the album I have that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, out of the park, world series kind of" devotion to the record, and yes that's a quote from It Takes Two starring the Olsen twins, Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg. Deal with it.

Listen/download/share the full album here:

Oct 1 - Oshawa, Ontario @Chateau Boneless
Oct 2 - Montreal, Quebec @ Lindsay's Stoop 
Oct 3 - Sherbrooke, Quebec @ Art Focus 
Oct 4 - Quebec City, Quebec @ Le Knock-Out (Early)
Oct 4 - Levis, Quebec @ Chez Alex (Late)
Oct 5 - Joliette, Quebec @ L'Albion
Oct 6 - Ottawa, Ontario @ Minou's House
Oct 7 - Peterborough, Ontario @ Pig's Ear Tavern
Oct 9 - Barrie, Ontario @ Art In House
Oct 10 - Guelph, Ontario @Saphire Cafe
Oct 11 - Kitchener, Ontario @ Marina's
Oct 12 - Toronto, Ontario @ Magpie Taproom
Oct 14 - Toronto, Ontario @ Smiling Buddha 

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