introducing 1971 (the band, not the year)

1971 are the perfect blend of that 70's stoner vibe, 80's punk and 90's rock.
Pop that combo into a blender and you've got yourself the chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie of 2014 punk rock.
Or, you know, whatever your most epic smoothie flavour is. To each their own. But for me this is definitely a chocolate + peanut butter + banana. Mmmmmmm.
Their recent S/T EP totally rips, but in an unassuming sort of way, like they aren't trying to get your attention they're just doing their thing and if you happen to like it, cooooool mannnn.
Between the mellow rock ins and the hasty rock outs the 6 songs are easily among the best example of a punk rock album in true form in this day in age.
I think I've listened to the song "White Lies" about twenty times in a row already and I still feel like that fucking Sugar Crisp bear, you know, the one who "just can't get enough"..

Homer knows.

But yeah. like that. Listen yerself:

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