Fireflies from Hell..

New favourite band from my new favourite city: Tinkerbelles from Chicago.
Fuck do I ever miss Chicago.
Luckily this garage punk duo from the city I never found to be that windy are doing a great job of bringing Chicago to my earholes.
Definitely one of my favourite discoveries as of late.

I think I'm getting repetitive stress disorder from scratching my butt all day.

I was just thinking about how bands like Greys, The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers have created this sound that screams dirty Southern Ontario punk rock for me right now.
I know there are so many wicked bands in these parts busy defining this'n'that sub-genre of punk, but those guys have a specific sound so recognizable and 'homegrown' they could almost be in a commercial for Foodland screaming "Good things grow in Ontario".