I think I'm getting repetitive stress disorder from scratching my butt all day.

I was just thinking about how bands like Greys, The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers have created this sound that screams dirty Southern Ontario punk rock for me right now.
I know there are so many wicked bands in these parts busy defining this'n'that sub-genre of punk, but those guys have a specific sound so recognizable and 'homegrown' they could almost be in a commercial for Foodland screaming "Good things grow in Ontario".
After getting to know the new Dead Broke full length a few times over I'm sure that when future Sarah looks back on this era of South ON music, DB will have a secure spot on that list too.
They're a bit more rock'n'roll than the aforementioned, infusing the raucous punk energy of those above with some Kinks-like throwback vibes.
Hearing this album finally makes me feel slightly less envious of all those born into the drug-infused, no-holds-barred era of the 60's and 70's that I so wish I could have experienced. There's just something about their album that, frankly, makes me want to drop acid and get naked. The music is so seductive that I can't help but bump'n'grind all up against the chair I'm sitting on while listening to it.

Here, go on and get sexy with it, see what I'm talking about:

On a scale of flaccid to boner this album has me face-planted on the floor because of the 100lbs erection weighing me down and pinning me forward. Seriously, my metaphorical dick is like a cement block over here.. somebody help me!

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.