NECK - Hate To Read

Meet NECK, snooty punk rockers from Ottawa, ON.
You may remember them from such MusicSheBlogged comps as comp #5, Fifth Times A Charm
According to their new album they Hate To Read...
Which sucks for them since this is a 'read only' review.
I hope they hate it!

D-Beatstro D-Bruncho.

Guess what guys, South Park has inspired to become an esteemed food critic.

Brother (the band)

By Diana Myers

Brother is a hard edge nuance of punk rock, whispering its dirty deeds from Canada’s East Coast. They’re a multitude of slithering rock tones, towing the line between lyrical haunting and soul cutting riffs, while bruising the air with affable vocal melodies.

Jarek Hardy - "New York Alone"

"Expect the unexpected."
I don't know who said it, and fuck looking it up because my body is currently battling the plague.
I like the hears of it, but living by it in this robotic day in music is tricky.
I've come to expect 'the same old' whenever I'm asked to review something.
I know, I'm a pessimist.
(at least I am when I'm sick.)
Thankfully there are still musicians out there who can cause a 'Lucille Bluth when Gene Parmesan shows up' surprise in me.

Todd Allen is Awkward.

I have pizza to thank for this post.
Pizza led me to Squarecrow which led me to Todd Allen solo who lead me to his new album which is, like pizza, a little slice of heaven.

Brutal fucking Youth.

I spent most of tonight getting drunk and learning Taylor Swift songs (ok, one song, I'm not that bright) on guitar for the spoof cover band I'm forcing my sister to be in because I just found out she actually has an amaazing voice. I have it all planned out, we'll call it Tailor Swift and our first hit will be "I Knew You Were Butter When You Slopped In" .. clearly directed at that I Can't Believe It's Not Butter margarine that is actually butter as the lyrics (and eventual video) will explain.
So yeah, going from that pop pun-iverse to listening to the new Brutal Youth EP Bottoming Out was kinda like transferring from an all girls private school to a penis packed public school.