Todd Allen is Awkward.

I have pizza to thank for this post.
Pizza led me to Squarecrow which led me to Todd Allen solo who lead me to his new album which is, like pizza, a little slice of heaven.

I first stumbled upon Squarecrow because of Pizza Shoe Records - I wouldn't be surprised if I was just google / fb searching pizza out of love and hunger and happiness one night - and I decided to check out this comp they have called Hot and Ready because it sounded so sexy delicious and this Squarecrow song "Don't Worry" was track #2.
I honestly don't think I made it further than that because I fell so fucking hard for that catchy masterpiece that I just kept playing it over and over and over and over. and over.
Some time passed, some deals were made and some songs were put on some compilation that you can find on this page, and that was that.
Then I saw a stripped down version of "Don't Worry" with just Todd and I was like 'aosdhfajsdhfeua ermagahd best thing everrrr'...

And then I got high and forgot about things and THEN Todd asked me to review his new solo album and I remembered how good that video was and I was like fuck yes I will Todd Allen.
And so here we are.
I haven't reviewed fuck all in so long, I actually had to pass the biggest brain fart just to get started... and while I was brain farstipated - which lasted about a week - I just listened to the album. over and over and over. and over.
I admit, it was a grower not a show-errr, as I find most acoustic punk type stuff to be.
I find I have to really feel it to get into it, and to feel it I have to know it. Date it.
And, so, sitting on the metaphorical toilet trying to relieve myself of the cobwebs in my head I just took it into the bathroom with me and got to know the record.
(if this is my idea of a date no wonder I'm single, amiright!)
I listened to it constantly, as I got ready for work in the morning, while making dinner at night, at work.. I thought I was just on a mission to find something to write about, until I realized that I was actually tits over butt in love. It's like that classssic romantic comedy plot: boy meets girl, boy on a mission for sex, boy ends up falling in love has a couple kids and then only gets sex once a year for his birthday. Except that ending doesn't apply here, I hope.
Seriously tho, once I was familiar with the songs and some lyrics I was just hooked and it was all I ever wanted to hear.
aka the hunny-moon stage.
Every song is like a different quirk and every time I listen I hear something more to love.
They're all such perfect blends of a whole lotta punk and a wee bit of folk with some carnivalistic character in there adding edge.. some tracks are more upbeat and fun like "Static", "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" and "Maybe If I".. though the words threaten to break your heart apart, like in "Quarters" which is just like, how I can imagine feeling if I was separated from this album...
All the feels, man.
And just like the post-hunny-moon stage you wonder how something that makes you so happy (musically) also makes you want to cry (lyrically)!?!?!
Or, wait, is that the sign of an uhappy relationship?
Nothing unhealthy about this love.
Except for the whole pizza thing.
Whatever, thank you pizza in all your unhealthy glory for bringing me to Awkward, which is the name of the album BY THE WAY.

Check out this wicked fucking cover too..

I'm Sarah. I do what I want, and today I wanted to ramble.