NECK - Hate To Read

Meet NECK, snooty punk rockers from Ottawa, ON.
You may remember them from such MusicSheBlogged comps as comp #5, Fifth Times A Charm
According to their new album they Hate To Read...
Which sucks for them since this is a 'read only' review.
I hope they hate it!

I haven't written a review in a while so I'm a little rusty. I decided to take 'er slow, ease back into it. I poured myself a tea -KIDDING it was a beer- and got comfortable, expecting to be at it a while what with 21 tracks to get to know. I pressed play, sipped my tea (beer), burped, took a few more sips, burped again, scratched my buttbum a few times plus five, blinked, and then there was silence.... at first I thought I drank myself to deaf until I realized I could hear myself as I started sobbing... I wiped my eyes, picked some wax buildup out of my ears, and discovered that the album had already ended...
[Here's the part when I make my classic comparison to SEX]
Though timing-wise it was over unexpectedly soon, it didn't end prematurely.
That's the thing with Ramonesesque pop punk.
It may be quick, but you get a lot of dick.
It's not the circumference, it's the substance #amirightladiesandgaydudes
Sure, it's fast, but it's a blast in the ass.
The only thing more impressive than lasting long enough that the listener reaches an eargasm, is not lasting that long and still giving the listener an eargasm.
In NECK's case I got about 21, which is basically one per minute, which makes this album of theirs like the holy grail of dicks.

The End. 

Check out their new video!

They're currently touring with Outtacontroller, who you may remember from such comps as the very first ever MSB comp, A Com-Punk-Ilation (the OG). You may also remember them from that time I wrote a rap about them...:
Dec 3 - Moncton (Claude's Haus)
Dec 4 - Montreal (Barfly)
Dec 12 - Ottawa (Dominion)

And don't worry, there's more dates coming in the new year...
Jan 14 - Montreal (L'Escro)
Jan 15 - Ottawa (Targ)
Jan 16 Toronto (Bovine)

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