Now them white boys here, they is getting obstreperous.

Not sure if you've noticed or not, but I'm not really writing reviews anymore.
Here's one now!
I've been tits deep into the new Indonesian Junk album Indonesian Junk for about a week and it's so good that it's causing a back-up, or clog* if you will, in my head from all these hot love thoughts that I think towards it .... every listen is like a triple triple coffee + cigarette combo #5 straight into my brain bowels .... and I neeeeed to let it out!!!
And then I remembered that I have a blog. a music blog. a music review blog. A blog that acts as the toilet to my fingertip diarrhea, #fingarrhea,.. as somewhere to put all my runny shit thoughts so my friends/family/stray dogs don't have to deal with this mess of a mind.
Case in point, this here introduction.
But back to the Indonesian Junk album, Indonesian Junk.
This album reminds me of The Wanderers, the street gang in the movie The Wanderers.
This album is hard, but not so hard that it takes itself too seriously. It still knows how to have fun and rock out, you know, let loose.
But it also knows danger.
In fact, it embraces danger.
Which is dangerous.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm scared of danger.
I'm scared of this album!
Now picture The Wanderers gang growing up in NYC in the 70's instead of the 60's, hanging out at places like Max's Kansas City and eventually CBGB's.
That's what I picture whenever I listen to the album Indonesian Junk by Indonesian Junk.

And smoke a TON of weed.

Check it out:

And can I just point out how badass this cover of "Fuck Off" is?! The song itself is like if confidence were a drug that you had to inject through your ear drum. With this badass version on repeat in one ear, and a drink in the other.... hand I think I could strut my stuff up to Oprah and say wassssap without giving a single shit. Not even a half of a single shit. Not a single speck of shit would be given with this puppy playing.

I'm Sarah, thanks for listening!

*not the boner shoe