The Falcon - Gather Up The Chaps

The Falcon's new album is making my beating heart feel more like a throbbing erection (at least I'm assuming this is what a throbbing erection feels like...)
It's almost like each song is propelling Viagra down my earholes and into my chestal area.

Guess what took longer: Writing The Review vs Drawing The Picture

I downloaded Yeah Bud!!!'s Yeah Bud!!!, listened to it a bunch, and then went on vacation with no computer, no Internet =no Yeah Bud!!!.
Yadda yadda yadda, now I'm back and I just pressed play on the EP, and.. hearing the beginning of "Waste My Daze" again was like hearing the familiar buzz of my vibrator. I swear my ears started to pant with anticipation.
And as the song played that anticipation blossomed into artspiration... observe: