Guess what took longer: Writing The Review vs Drawing The Picture

I downloaded Yeah Bud!!!'s Yeah Bud!!!, listened to it a bunch, and then went on vacation with no computer, no Internet =no Yeah Bud!!!.
Yadda yadda yadda, now I'm back and I just pressed play on the EP, and.. hearing the beginning of "Waste My Daze" again was like hearing the familiar buzz of my vibrator. I swear my ears started to pant with anticipation.
And as the song played that anticipation blossomed into artspiration... observe:

"I'll stay and watch the next band play
They make me wonder why I'm here
I like to make good use
blah blah blah (aka wtf are they saying?)
This might be the worst beer I've had
I feel like cutting off my ears
But there's no other way
I'd rather waste my days (daze!!!). "

This song is like my entire life in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. (Only I don't drive a car.)
If I had a diary I'd probably write those lyrics in it next to pictures of Brendan Fehr circa Roswell years with hearts drawn around his face and a big hunk of wiener drawn protruding from his crotch area.

"I love it. I live it. I like it."

That's another line in the song if you couldn't tell by the '""'s. It quite accurately describes exactly what I feel for this song. NO, this band. THIS EP.
If I were writing a review that's probably what I would write in it. That, and I'd ramble on about how hooked I am on these 4 lovable singalongable pop punk pieces of ART.
Yeah Bud!!!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.