DieSciFi beeitch.

To set the mood for this review: My (mom's) cat died today.
To take my mind off that I decided to write a review.
The last band to ask for one was a band called DieSciFi.
The name of my (mom's) late cat.... SciFi.

Just kidding, that's a stupid name for a cat.
Or is it....
Anyhoo, sometimes when I'm sad I listen to Celine Dion.
I have no idea why but she feels like the mother I've always had.
Probably because my mom loves Celine and would play her cassettes in the van.
Unfortunately this time Celine just made me feel like I was drowning in heartbreak.
(Is that a Titanic joke? I honestly don't know)
Anypoo, DieSciFi (who you may remember from such MSB Comp-Punk-Ilations as #4 MSB Presents: Songs 4 The Shitter) kinda have this grumbling vibe to the vocals that reminded me of...

Like, in a good way because that's exactly what I feel like right now, so I like totally like feel like the vocals just like "get me", like you know what I mean (as I typed that they sung those exact words in the song ...that is what my friend and I like to call an Oprah moment! Because Oprah is God...damn awesome. #Oprah4President)
Anylou, contrary to the sometimes dreary (and this is probably just me being dreary so I am projecting that onto the vocals here so that my misery has company - hey, the saying is true!) vocals the songs are actually infectiously fun, like the kind of singalong punk songs that you'd lump into the 'mood-viagra' sub-sub-sub category of punk rock music. A nice shot of energy-boner to the brainmotions.

Pretty much the best thing I could have listened to right now. But then again, Oprah already knew that... DIDN'T YOU OPRAH!

Check out their new EP and more:

D to the IG.

I'm Sarah, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to, DieSciFi if I want to.