Dirty Dee is still dirty because he's Dirty Dee, dammit!

Those who know me will be happy to hear I showered tonight.
Those who don't know me.. I hate showering.
Showering is gross.
But, if I can find the perfect album to listen to that day, that mood, that shower, it makes it almost bearable.
Tonight I found that perfect album - of all time.
wimps - Suitcase
It's so dirty. 
It's so dirty that I felt dirty while I was cleaning myself. 
And I loved every second of it. 
Because I'm dirty.
Like, I'm so dirty that I have started a list that I call "How Dirty Is She?". It goes something like this: 
- honestly can't recall when she showered last... a lot
- only uses nail polish to cover up dirty fingernails 
- gets "did you get a hair cut?" every time she washes it
- sometimes can see trail marks after itching because dirt 
- has an ongoing list stating examples of how dirty she is
So you can see why I love this dirty, disheveled, cruddy, mucky, mess of a band... like they have a song called "Dump" about living dirty...
And if you still can't see why, I'm sorry - I would have continued past 'm' butt these filthy synonyms are really turning me on!
pssst - if I ever say "talk dirty to me" you know what I reeeally mean.. 

Besides, all those sexy words may 'hit the nail on head', but they don't 'pound it all the way into the wall'. The best way to 'hammer it home' is actually BY SAYING THEY FUCKING RULE SO YOU SHOULD JUST STOP PICTURING WILL FERRELL NAKED AND START LISTENING TO THEM OKAY!?

I'm Sarah. I sleep in a bed made of crumbs.