"You're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder."

I had no intention of writing about the new Lost Love album, Comfortable Scars - streaming right now over at NewNoiseMagazine.com - when it first met my earholes, but after spending the last few days getting to know it on repeat at work and then going home and blowing off all these things just to listen to it some more... and I'm talking like big deal things you know like I wanted to finish this O Magazine my friend gave me and shit...

Did I finish the O Magazine? NO. Because I actually give a shit about what this album has to say when it's playing and I like it so much I want to give it my undivided attention when I'm used to doing ten things at once and....

.... oh my fucking gush I think I have a crush.

Hmmm.. hearts'a'racin', heads'a'shakin', vags'a'leakin'.. yup. I've definitely come down with a case of the feelings. But you know what... and I don't want to get too ahead of myself, I mean, we just met and all... but I think this album would make a really great boyfriend because it's honest and it's been through a lot and is dealing really well and by golly it sounds amazing! Strong and encouraging. It's one of those albums that just gets you, you know? Liiike, I feel like we can really relate to each other. I already know it'd totally be there for me when I need it and would comfort (wait, comfort, like as in comfortable, like ... comfortable SCARS, OMG! FATE!) me when I was feeling down or anxious, wrapping those lovable punk rock hooks around me while the melodic vocals express all of my anguish for me so I can sleep at night....

Single deer
PLUS we have a lot in common like I've seen Rocky VII and know Holden gets into the Rye... more like, I'd like to be Holden their HANDS amiright!?
No. That was horrible. I almost regret it enough to erase it... almost.
Maybe if I wasn't sippin' on some rye myself.

"Editors" note: in the first line I had originally written 'I had no intention of writing a review of...' but then I read this over again and realized that 'a review' had no place in there.

You're drunk Sarah, go to bed.

But also, catch Lost Love on tour (dates on the album stream link mentioned above).
Toronto, I'll see you Thursday.