( . )( . ) vs ( . Y . ) = Everyone Wins

This title was pieced together from 2 different conversations with 2 different dudes from The Filthy Radicals. Don't worry, you probably get it just as much as we do, but at least we all know it's true. 

I usually like to smoke upwards while I write reviews (or do anything ever) but I've been out of weed for a few shitty days and dirt poor so tonight I had to resort to scraping resin out of my one-hitter... a fittingly filthy thing to do while listening to the greasy ska punk band that is The Filthy Radicals (pronounced rad-dick-Carls I think.. but who are these Carls? I'd like to meet them!)
They have a fairly new album out called Cloak And Stagger and by the 2nd track I was so resin high that I was hearing things like the singer dude singing "shitty little angels" and I was all like 'that can't be right!' but when I flipped back to their bandcamp page I realized the song is actually called "Shitty Little Angel" and I laughed and laughed and laughed and then knocked the resin I had just scraped out all over my bed and then I almost cried but I was actually 'pick-it-up-pick-it-up-pick-it-up'ed by the unsanitary sounds blasting from the speakers.
And that, my impolite boys'n'girls, is the Power of Ska.
Think that Celine Dion song but sped up, horn'd up, and her in checkboard shoes and suspenders.
Only not like that at all.
For real though I used to be the biggest skawbsessor in high school, it's pretty much all I ever listened to. I don't anymore though because I'm just too lazy... that's really all it is. I still love it, I just don't have the energy for it... I mean, I just turned 30, I have grey hair and lower back pain. I bet if I were to try to skank again I'd throw my back out completely and probably twist an ankle. So now I just 'skank' with my vagina instead. It's much easier on the back.
Speaking of the Power of Ska though, despite my old age I actually started to feel like I was 15 again while "reviewing" this album. It's like these songs 'pick-me-up-pick-me-up-pick-me-up'ed from my parents house where I was probably half asleep on the couch watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and took me from one good time to the next starting with the chill stoner reggae party then to the drunk punk house show and eventually endin up on a greasy ska-core coke binge at a party with a dude who likes to rap.
It's almost like a best of my high school years all rolled into one album by a band that actually makes me want to get back into ska again.
Check it out:

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