The Murderburgers - The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People

I was sitting on my bed smoking a bowl minding my own business and trying to think of something to listen to in the shower that I was putting off when a buddy texted me out of the blue asking if I had the new album by The Murderburgers on repeat as he did.
I did not and had not because I was going through a weird 'I hate music' sort of teenage rebellion against my own adult self who fucking works in music (yep right inside it) and hadn't paid much attention to anything I had forced myself to listen to lately.
But I really needed to shower and was able to find The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People easily on my ancient Deezer account which I saw as a sign so I put it on. That was at 9:00pm and now it's 11;30pm and I'm still listening to it on repeat like my buddy and I can't stop and now I love music again and me and my self defIant are back on the same screen. Paint screen that is. Drawing this instead of celebrating Halloween with Ash vs Evil Dead like I had planned on doing after I showered..

I call it "How The New Album By The Murderburgers Makes Me Feel" and it's how the new album by The Murderburgers makes me feel and if you think it sucks you just probably don't get it because that's art.

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.