Meet My New Favourite Band: Good Friend

Not sure if it's the big bag of chocolate covered coffee beans I just crushed or these gut-wrenching tracks crushing me but my heart is pounding and I'm experiencing shortness of breath as I sit here listening to Good Friend's new album Ride The Storm. It's not in a scary 'am I dying' kind of way, more like a 'holy shit I'm excited and every line of every song is grabbing my heart by the balls' feeling.
All 10 tracks on this album are epic, powerful, perfect punk rock tunes with vocals that slay me in a way that was only ever possible when Buffy and Faith combined forces... which it feels like they're doing again, this time on those balls of my heart I just mentioned. Heyo!

Splitters, I hardly know hers !

Ok ok that's a terrible title. I know. I get it. For some reason I can't help but think sexually about the word "splitters" and I don't know why so I tried to make a joke of it that nobody but me will understand which is stupid to do on a blog that everybody but me will read (and by everybody I mean nobody, probably). I'm afraid to google anything to do with 'splitter' it in a sexy context to figure out why my train of thought keeps pulling into Pussy station. It's not like my porn of choice is found through searching that keyword or anything, but this filthy mind of mine goes straight to picturing some chick being split in half with a monster dick. I mean... I'm sorry. What kind of review is this! A review that compares the band Splitters to sex with a very large penis. Which, in a way.... is fitting? Maybe.. once I figure out how to bring it back to their debut album, The Last Time I Swear, by saying something like if my head was a vagina then this record is a King Kong size dong that is thrusting it's way into my ears with each song, easily making it's way to the g-spot that is my brain..

Curt Murder's a no-good cheat!


Just kidding, he's actually the opposite. He titled his new album This Ain't No Five X Whiskey but in it delivered Five eXcellent songs so strong that they left my heart burning and my eyes stinging with tears so much that I can't see.