Curt Murder's a no-good cheat!


Just kidding, he's actually the opposite. He titled his new album This Ain't No Five X Whiskey but in it delivered Five eXcellent songs so strong that they left my heart burning and my eyes stinging with tears so much that I can't see.
It's the perfect EP to listen to while drowning your shorter-day-sorrows with whatever X whiskey floats your kishke.

If you're into drinking / acoustic punk rock / alt-country folk rock / drinking / The Simpsons / rad dudes with guitars / smoking half joints that you lost weeks ago but just found on the floor all flattened from your feet and smoked anyway because you're out of whiskey / whiskey / heartbreak / old men / the truth (it's out there) / good music / Radio Delete / singers / songwriters / London, ON then you should check out Curt Murder. And if you like him you should 'like' his fan club too.

This Ain't No Five X Whiskey is out now on Get Party Records!

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